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I believe all people have the need and ability to create. Using various art and therapy methods I provide a safe and empathetic environment, to encourage life-enhancing expression that brings wholeness, physically, emotionally and spiritually to people's life.

Tuesday, June 1, 2010

It's a beauty to behold!

We have had such nice weather. I have been cleaning out my sewing room and sitting outside. What a combination. I finished two projects last week, 1 a mending job - don't do much of those! and a Quilt creation for a baby at our church.

The couple - pre baby- have been into nature, hiking, mountains, etc. so what better way to starting teaching him about nature?!

To the Tangles! did you notice the tangles in last posts pictures? how about the sticks on the beach? that reminds me of hollibaugh! The patterns are everywhere!

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  1. A lovely beautiful creation! (I particularly like the realistic looking baby foot in the upper left corner! (tee-hee!))