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Sunday, January 4, 2015

Happy 2015!

Hello all,
It is the start of a new year. A new Intention. A new semester. New beginnings. It is refreshment in the midst of a grey winter month.

I started off this new year, right, I taught Zentangle 101 on Saturday, and it went very well. It was so much fun, and as always energizing to have others enjoy Zentangle and art. Welcome to the Zentangle world. Each person who comes to take a class with me, teaches me in a unique way. It is because of my students that I am pushed a little more to becoming a better teacher, to sharing myself a little more with others. My world grows, and I hope your world does too.

One of my past attendees asked me to purchase some Opus tiles. She saw them online and was very excited about them. I ordered some for her, and have a few more - they are 10" x 10" in the same Zentangle paper. It will be a joy to construct a large Zentangle Inspired Art. At the same time I ordered some "Bijou". At first when Bijou came out, I thought, "What's all the excitement?!" And even when I saw how small they were (2" x 2") I thought, "How can I draw on something so small?!" Well change of tune! I started drawing on a few and I love them! They feel so petite and compact, and yet jewel-like (how did the border customs know they were jewels - they charged me duty like they were!). Beautiful. They take a lot less time to complete than a regular tile, and I can only do 1 or two tangles on them. But they are so neat! the work is more compact, and cute. Here are my first results. Remember they are only 2 inch x 2 inch.

I have joined an art journal group through the CZT group. This is my first page for week one. We were to choose a word of intention for the year. I chose "embody".  While I journal regularly, I have never done a specific art journal. Which is interesting, as I have an assignment to keep an art journal for class as well. I started off thinking my word would be "Do" and for my personal year "Worthy"; but rethought having two words, and came up with "Embody" which is really what I hope to achieve by doing and believing in myself as I do. I made my own journal using printmaking paper sewn together (7 x 5.5"), and then Duct tape to bind the 5 signatures. Then I found, while cleaning out my sewing room, some fabric I Zentangled on, and covered the outside with this (to be shown later). The first page included painting with watercolour; Sharpie letters, and micron 3 tangled. I let the colour dictate some of the shapes. 

Onward... bring on the New Year! lets see what we can make of it, and how it shapes us. Stay warm and dry so that you can be creative.

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