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Thursday, December 11, 2014

Happy Snow Day!

It's a happy snow day here in the North. Being a little silly here. When I moved "north" to Ontario, from Vermont, there was much curiosity about how cold and wintry the North in Ontario is. In reality, I find Ontario weather much more mild than Vermont's. So when we get a snowstorm in Ontario, I feel at home. I love the winter and snow and cold. Here the weather is tempered by low elevation, being close to Lake Ontario, and very similar latitude - both on the 43'. When I speak with my Dad back in Vermont, he usually has more harsh weather than I. Another thing I miss about Vermont, is their ability to handle the weather so well. Within an hour of a dusting or challenging weather conditions, Vermonters are out clearing the roads, and making sure it is safe. Not so in Ontario. They wait until the snow storm is finished until work is started. GRRR. And then combined with people who have never seen snow in their lives - have no idea how to drive on snowy roads, driving like there is no snow; it makes for challenging travelling conditions. Luckily I have no need to travel anywhere today.

And another thing; I am here to challenge a few city myths. Wildlife. Here are a few interesting photos that are from a park about 1 km/ 1/2 mile from my house.
Beaver Chomp

Red Fox
Yes, There is a very busy beaver in our local park. He/she is eating all the young and larger trees. They have had to protect most of the trees from its work. And then a very plump Red Fox in the same park. So despite the large city I live in, I also enjoy wildlife on a regular basis. More than I remember from back in Vermont. So maybe Toronto is more wild?!!! 

For a change of scenery, we enjoyed some different food. It's not hard to find in this multicultural city of ours. Fred and I went out for a Dim Sum lunch last weekend. Mmm. 
Except for the chicken feet. :-).  
Fred enjoying chicken feet at Dim Sum.
This reminds me to do things differently. We need to shake life up. A song by Sheryl Crow "A Change Would Do You Good" comes to mind. It's time to be brave; walk on the wild side instead of the routine - do the opposite. When we stretch ourselves, we come up larger than we were. New experiences helps us grow.

On that note... Here's Aruka. A new Tangle. The Diva Challenge for Dec. 8.

Cheers - Tangle On.

I enjoy your comments, and connecting with your blogs. Thanks so much for reaching out.


  1. Love your thoughts on the challenges, especially the drivers there. We are lucky here in MN that they start clearing/moving snow right away, but still there seem to be some drivers who "forget" every year how to drive in the snow! :) Nice to have the wild life to watch in the city too. Your challenge tile is lovely.

  2. nice tile - I like the feeling of movement

  3. Deb, your tile is beautiful, you really 'master' this new tangle, Thanks for the story of were you live, I always love to hear more about those things. I can hardly imagine winters like the ones in Canada, here in the Netherlands it's so different.