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I believe all people have the need and ability to create. Using various art and therapy methods I provide a safe and empathetic environment, to encourage life-enhancing expression that brings wholeness, physically, emotionally and spiritually to people's life.

Saturday, February 15, 2014

Play and Diva Challenge 154

Happy February. It is the middle point of the winter. We have peaked and are going on the way to warmer weather. Not that the cold weather bothers me. I quite enjoy the refreshing cold. I was in Edmonton this past week, and it was a -25'C as  I went to school.  It was a great week of learning, creative play, and student community.

I completed two Zentangle hearts in response to the Diva Challenge. I have also included some of my weeks work.

Valentine's for my Sweetheart.

Join me for a winter retreat inside Next weekend. Zentangle 101 and A bit More classes will happen this coming Saturday, Feb. 22. 10:00 a.m.; and 1:00 p.m. Come learn and expand your skills next week.

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  1. They are all beautiful, Deb. The third one is quite different to the others, but gorgeous.