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Saturday, January 18, 2014

Happy New Year!

It's a New Year that started with a crack here in Toronto.
Iced branches in our backyard
The weather, as you may have heard, has been quite unique. A week of Cold and Ice, followed by a thaw, and then another freeze.

Typical tree damage in our neighbourhood.
I barely made it out of Toronto in my travels to school in Edmonton. I was on my third strike and praying on the Tarmac of the Toronto Airport, when we finally achieved liftoff to .... Winnipeg. With some creative thinking the Air Canada rep was able to get me on a flight that we hoped would leave Toronto, on that fateful Tuesday, Jan. 7. It did not matter that I would be spending 12 hours in the Winnipeg Airport, and it sure felt weird as a 40 year old adult to be sleeping on benches at an airport. But it worked, and I flew out to Edmonton at 7 am. the day my class started. With the time change, I got to my class just as it was introduction time. It couldn't have been better orchestrated.

Once again, a little creativity goes a long way. So here is to some creativity, and photos of Toronto's icy experience. Please take a look at upcoming Zentangle class dates. Deb
Bush in the front yard
Bent Birch Trees
An obstacle course through our ravine. Sadie is in heaven, enjoying all the sticks and snow.

Another encapsulated tree branch
First Zentangle of the new year for a paper.

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  1. Your photos are wonderful and I like that you choose to think of your trip as "creative thinking" by Air Canada.!