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Wednesday, August 7, 2013

Summer Fun

 Greetings, Here is some summer fun. 
Summer has been a time of .... fun. Simple fun. 
Some of the first fun of summer is keeping up with the Diva's challenges. These are responses to IamtheDiva's Challenge 130. I like the Henna pattern idea. In fact I downloaded a binder's worth of Henna patterns as ideas when I first started tangling. This Zentangle pattern has both simplicity and elegance. I did find it difficult to work in background tangles, as you can see in the second photo. So I left the first tangle more open.
Diva Challenge 130
Diva Challenge 130
I have also been sewing. Just sewing and patchwork. That is fun too. This one was from an idea using simple squares and rectangles, and combining them with "mortar". It is neat. My husband liked the idea so much (I think he liked the controlled and consistent style) that he suggested I make a bedspread out of it. Hmmm. That would take a while. The pieces are all between 1" - 3" big. It would be very time consuming.
Bricks and mortor; 12.5" x 12.5 "
Summer Fun Summer Lightweight  66 x 90"

This second full quilt I did was a gift to myself. I often quilt for others, or for my dog, or out of necessity. This I made as a gift to myself for a summer quilt. I wanted something that had substance, but not too heavy, and was bright. I think it meets those requirements!
Also some fun at the trailer - Catching fish, and hanging out with friends. This was a small catch, but was still enough for an appetizer fish fry before dinner. Mhm. 

I am getting ready for the new season of classes. But I have not limited life to studying. In fact, I have a Zentangle class in Mississauga Ontario, on August 18, 12-3pm; at By The Lake Massage. If you are interested contact By The Lake Massage. (BY THE LAKE MASSAGE ), 905-271-8878.

In addition, I am arranging some Zentangle classes in Edmonton, Alberta with Margaret Bremner - the Enthuisiastic Artist. These would be held the weekend of September 14-15. If you are interested let me know,

I will also be providing an allday workshop at the Markham Quilters Guild on September 28. This will combine the basic Zentangle class with Tangles that are focused for quilting. Once again, contact me,

And as always, I am still long-arm quilting for customers. Nothing like a break from studying to help the brain flow again through Zentangles or Quilting.

Take care, and Tangle On.

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  1. Two fabulous tiles! You have an eye for beauty and design!