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I believe all people have the need and ability to create. Using various art and therapy methods I provide a safe and empathetic environment, to encourage life-enhancing expression that brings wholeness, physically, emotionally and spiritually to people's life.

Wednesday, February 3, 2010

Life philosophy for me

A course in miracles. Have you read this? Heard of it? I began reading the "chapters and verses" but on push from some friends, we have begun reading the Lessons. I have not kept up to read the appropriate lesson for each day (we began with lesson 1 on January 1), but the process is extremely rewarding none the less.

This book promotes rethinking how we view the world, in a way to bring real salvation to us. Don't let the "salvation" word scare you. We have so much history, baggage and perceptions that we bring to everything that we see, do, and interrelate. The course in miracles attempts to heal us from these preconceived ideas and open us up to real life and wellness in mind, body and spirit.

As an artist, this is a very rewarding process. It helps me see and experience life in a more open and awe-inspiring way. This in turn helps me create. Which to me, is what we are here on earth for. To create alongside the most unbelieveable creator.

See something new today. See something a-fresh.

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  1. Sounds like an interesting and inspiring read. I'll have to look into this one.