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I believe all people have the need and ability to create. Using various art and therapy methods I provide a safe and empathetic environment, to encourage life-enhancing expression that brings wholeness, physically, emotionally and spiritually to people's life.

Tuesday, May 24, 2016

One Person's Junk is another person's treasure. 

On my daily walk, I came across a pile of Forget-me-nots on a pile of garden compost. Someone did not think they were worthy of garden space. And yet, in my own garden, I was carefully digging around the forget-me-nots to keep them blooming until their season ended. Garbage. One person thinks it is done - not of use: Another can imagine what more can be done with it. What additional pleasures can be derived from it. Likewise, we have the dreaded dandelion. Throughout my neighbourhood  people are piling up dandelions pulled from their roots in an effort to vanquish them from our yards. What purpose do these items have? Well, each has a purpose in Creator God's kingdom. We may not know the full purpose, we may not recognize the beauty or intent. But it is there. Dandelions, I know are very important first flowers that the honey bees drink nectar from. So while we strive to delete them from our yards - there is a purpose there. A very important one.

What else in our lives seemingly has little purpose? What else do we struggle with and want removed? Yet all living creatures have a purpose in God's Eyes, in God's Kingdom.

With patience let us wait for the purpose.  And hence - Forget-me-nots, always a purpose.

I am planning for this Saturday's Zentangle workshops. Please join me for the Zentangle 101 at 1:00 p.m. or the Zendala (if you have taken Zentangle 101)  at 10:00 a.m.
Mini Zentangle garden- some 101 patterns

Please contact me to attend - I still have 2 spots in each class.

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