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Thursday, November 28, 2013

Challenge 146 & Something Different

And now for something a little different... okay first the Diva Challenge #146. I did two, and I am posting my second first, Because that is my favorite. I do not like either of these Zentangle patterns. Period. So good challenge. Using a tangle that I do not like is more of challenge to me than working in colour or on a circle or on a black tile. I don't like limits. In the language of psychology, I am full of counterwill. Tell me one 'must', and I will resist will all my effort. More than necessary. A waste of energy really. So, note to self - Grow UP! Suck it Up! Because, as you can see in the tile below, when I followed the rule, it actually turned out darn well. I like it. 

The different? Well, my original hobby. Here are photos of a quilt I'm working on. The purple theme fabric has a lovely tree as its feature. I loved it. But not sure about what I have done with it. A customer came and said, "Oh, I like it. It looks like underwater." So with new eyes I looked again, and yes, it has the feeling of underwater and the bright colours from coral and fish. So, it will be my "Coral quilt". First photo is as I am laying it out. Second photo is semi-complete. I am still deciding on more borders. The quilting will finish it off, and I will post again.

Then I have posted a photo of my first quilt for my daughter. It is a couch quilt. Laura wanted to have a brown quilt. I couldn't bear to have no punch of colour, even though the browns/beiges look quite classy. So I added a punch of red. It turned out quite nice. Maybe 1 colour quilts are not so bad after all.

Still doing Long-arm Quilting and loving it. Still teaching Zentangle classes - and Loving it!
So do what you love. You will be happier. I promise. And it will spill over to your life.

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