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Wednesday, November 30, 2011

Holiday Season is Around the Corner

The Holiday season is around the corner. It feels like it has snuck up on us this year. The weather has been so warm, it has not felt like winter is coming at all.

My daughter keeps reminding me it is Christmas time though. She wants me to go shopping with her, and plan holiday cookies, and gatherings. She seems to have more of the "spirit" than I this year. She even created Zentangle Christmas cards for all her friends. I must say, it makes me proud to see her using and enjoying her creative talents.

I have a few ideas for you at the Christmas time. One, take a Zentangle class and create some of a kind gifts and cards for your family and friends. You will feel blessed creating, more peaceful in the time spent tangling, and those who receive these will feel the peace and power from your creativity.
Second, you could also plan a Zentangle party with your family, hosting a Zentangle class at your house, or taking a class and sharing it with family and friends over the holidays. It will be so beneficial to all of you to receive a gift of togetherness and creativity.
Third, purchase a Zentangle kit to give as a gift to a loved one or your family, like a game.

I also created a wonderful little Doggie jacket that I can customize to your little friend. See it here:

I'm busy quilting for customers, but I still saved some time for myself. So keep a look out for a table runner I quickly sewed... coming soon.
Stay warm. Deb

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