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Thursday, October 6, 2011

Representational or Not?

QuiltArt forum is having a question about design, focus and abstract and representational art. Here is a quilt I've been working on. Tell me what you think? does it have a style? is there a focus? Are there distracting parts of the quilt?
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  1. In my opinion this would be considered abstract. It is nicely done. If you feel that something is wrong, it might be the fact that the design is divided horizontally. But you do have other things going on at the top section. If you think there is not enough focal point, you could make the rock bigger. That would break up some of the repetition of line. But...I don't think it is a bad design.

  2. your stitching is fabulous, colors are great. I really like the turquoise streaks. The dark upper left corner where it is straight at the bottom bothers my eye some. Love the beads as well. A lot to see, but that is good.

  3. rather like the design, but I wonder what the grey/white area in the middle-right represents. I feel as though this spot is fighting with the dark line above, for the position of being your focal point. Otherwise, I find the title quite fine for this abstract piece

  4. I find that the dark blue horizontal line is so strong that it breaks the piece in two parts. Also the blue line at the bottom that goes off to the side leads my eye off the piece. The dark area at the top left is rather dominant too. It is definitely abstract but it doesn't convey any emotional response from me.

    I love the quilt under your title and want to see if you have any zentangles on your blog.